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Monday, March 01, 2004

Mobile Interactivity in India : "Invisible Mode" functionality

Mobile users in India would really appreciate a "Invisible Mode" functionality, if it were be offered by the mobile service provider for their existing handsets!

Read the following user requirement statements :
- I want my privacy.
- I will choose & pick calls as per my wish. I want to avoid picking up certain calls.
- I dont want all the callers to know that i woulda/coulda seen their "missed calls"
- I dont want SMS delivery report sent to the sender, because they would expect a reply.
- I dont want to buy a new mobile just for this feature.
- I want the mobile service provider to provide this facility.

Once the mobile phone is switched to "Invisible mode", the following will happen:
- All callers will get a standard voice message " The mobile you are trying to reach is currently switched off"
- The caller can either send an SMS or leave a "Voice Mail"
- The caller wont expect the User to callback, because, according to him, his 'missed call' wouldn't have been recorded.
- Even when the User reads a particular SMS, "delivery confirmation message" will not be messaged to the Sender/Caller.
- The User, on his own volition can pick any incoming call or read any SMS.

What say? :)

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