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Saturday, December 04, 2004

IHCI 2004 Conference in Bangalore!

IHCI 2004 Conference in Bangalore!
Update : I ''ll be attending the IHCI 2004 conference!

India Human Computer Interaction ( IHCI ) 2004!
Indo-European Systems Usability Partnership ( IESUP ) is organising the first All India Human Computer Interaction Conference on 6th & 7th December 2004Venue : Hotel Gateway, 66, Residency Road, Bangalore, India.
IHCI2004 will have a number of strands including:(i) Keynotes from US / European / Indian speakers- Andy Smith, Thames Valley University,- Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland etc.,(ii) Research papers(iii) Industrial case studies(iv) Institutional reviews
The conference will cover HCI in the Indian industry, Culture, context and society, Institutionalizing HCI, Global products, local development, Interaction design, User centred design, HCI in Education, HCI application areas.

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