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Monday, March 20, 2006

UI Designer Jobs in Bangalore

Ojos ( is looking out at hiring UI Designers at Bangalore, India

4+yrs of experience, HTML, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, CSS, etc.)

Interested candidates can mail their resumes with portfolio to vani @

or call Vani at 99454 00830
Wenger & Watson Inc.

Here's more info about Riya

Riya photo search site open to public February

Service identifies and tags people and text in digital photos The service on the company's site is currently available only to a few users who are testing the service, Munjal Shah, chief executive officer and cofounder of Riya, told reporters in Bangalore Thursday.

Using face recognition and text recognition technology, the photo search service, also called
Riya, identifies people and text in digital photos and tags them accordingly, Shah said.
Google Image Search from Google (Profile, Products, Articles) searches images by looking for
text around the photo, while Riya's technology searches using information in the photo, Shah

Users will have to download a software client from the Riya site to a computer running the
Windows operating system, and thereafter the software will index the images on the user's hard
disk, and upload it to Riya's servers, according to Azhar Khan, Riya's vice president for
engineering and a co-founder of the company.

Users then train the face recognition software on the site by identifying or tagging individuals in their photos. "The more examples of an individual that you provide the software, the higher the
accuracy when the software does auto-tagging," Khan said.

Photos uploaded to the free service for tagging can be made private or public, or selectively public, according to rules set by the user, Khan added.

Riya, a start-up in Redwood City, California, expects its revenue to come primarily from
contextual advertising on the site, Shah said. The technology for face recognition and text
recognition in photos developed by the company is also likely to be of interest for other
applications such as dating sites, and the company may consider licensing its technology to these
sites, he added.

Down the line technology will also be made available on for searching photos
on the web. "You will be able to do a similarity search by dropping a photo in the search bar,"
Shah said. However, the photos on the web are usually of a poor quality and resolution, and so
accuracy may not be very high, he added


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