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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Usability jobs at Infosys Bangalore

Infosys's SETLabs - an R&D setup is looking for experience UI/UX designers

What this group does is create a few tools (sort of like products), essentially for in-house and client consumption. The tools are aimed broadly at improving our delivery effectiveness across the SDLC stages. One challenge we have here is creating a better user experience and also improving its adoption within teams (by making it more relevant).

In this connection, we are looking for experienced designers, who also love technology to the extent that they can contribute to the architecture of the product/tool, be involved with the tool across its life cycle including perhaps training, or preparing training material, etc. Ofcourse, the designer is not expected to be a programmer or know how to write code. If he/she do have that ability, it is their advantage. The idea is for these individuals to embed themselves in the tools teams as an integral member and contribute to its design and development.

Interested designers can mail their resumes to muthuonline at (gmail)


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM


    Is this job only for indians or is it also open for europeans??

  2. Hi,

    Not sure if there was any mention of a restriction on who all can apply for this job . Suggest you mail your resume so that i can bounce it off the concerned person at Infosys for screening.


  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Hello Muthu
    Thanxs a lot, i would like to say thnak you for your interresting blog about usablitiy and UI Design, its a great source for us in austria

    Cheers from vienna !


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