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Monday, July 25, 2005

HFI's Usability Workshop in Bangalore

I happened to attend Human Factors International’s > User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design Course <>

The seminar covered the following topics

  • Creating a design strategy
  • Creating user and environmental profiles
  • Data gathering techniques such as:
    User Interviews
    User observation
  • Scenarios and task analysis
  • Information architecture

Think its an excellent course for BEGINNERS who are keen on understanding HCI basics. The course material is well organized, easy to learn and looks professional. Amit Sathe, the trainer, holds a Masters with HCI specialization from The last time it was Sarit Arora.

Met lotsa aspiring Usability Engineers, User Interface Designers, CUAs ( Certified Usability Analysts!) from HCL Chennai, Wipro Bangalore, HP Bangalore, Oracle Bangalore, Iflexsolutions, Polaris, Kenexa, Mcafee Bangalore, Prism Networks etc.,

And the other great thing about HFI training programs is that they serve some really awesome JUICE Promise to upload the group snap by the weekend.

Question : How does the HCI industry perceive certifications?Yawn… Can you cut through the flab?


  1. I would not hire a CUA, period. They come with arrogance and no juice. Given a simple test to design a screen of an application, they fail misrably. Try giving them simple Fitt's Law or Hick's Law tests, they try their luck. However, they are ready to educated anyone about "chromosteropsis." This story has repeated so many times that its become an internal joke.

    - Ripul Kumar

  2. Amazing what lack of facilities can do, it's liek a mirage, in absence of water people drink sand.

    As long is acts a stepping stone, I guess it might have value..


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  4. I just have one question to all of you, How is it that one get in a job as a UI designer or Interaction Designer in India,Is a Basic degree in Engineering(CS) all it takes to be qualified? With Lack of courses i like Dr.....'s solution, But how much more time can we sustain living in darkness of usability in india isnt it high time to have masters or Post Grad courses available in india?

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    I think u r a developer better stay away and don't use such words. Are you worth? In IT everyone is the same

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