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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Digital Petrol Level Indicator in all Indian cars?

User Need: Users have a clear need to KNOW if petrol bunks are pumping the right amount of petrol into one's car/ 2 wheeler/ bus/van/whateva

So instead of an analog level indicator, a precise digital level indicator would be most welcome. While this feature is available in most of the cars in certain countries and in some top line cars in India, think it would of great use if it’s available in all the cars in India.

Am not sure how much additional money it’s going to cost, but think it’s surely a “nice to have” feature. Additionally, it can also predict the distance one can do, given the current speed or an average speed of 40Kms/hour. Is Ford/Hyundai / Maruti listening?

Category : Voice of the User

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